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Be prepared for the Expiry of Operating Agreements with EOA Services that help you plan for the future

Successfully navigating the complexities of expiry of operating agreements (EOA) means understanding the impacts EOA will have on your portfolio and developing a strategic asset management plan that addresses your individual needs.

Operating agreements, mortgages and debentures are already starting to expire. Many expire in the near future EOA. EOA provides opportunities to change the existing social housing system, improving outcomes for people living in social housing and those in need of subsidized housing.

Let HSC help you to get started and get moving!

HSC can help educate staff, elected officials, boards and housing providers about end of operating agreements. We can meet with Service Managers and housing providers, helping to steer housing in a way that ensures communities have the housing that best meets their needs.


Get a detailed picture of how EOA will impact you by defining your capital and funding needs now and post-EOA

HSC can define your capital and ongoing funding needs now and post-EOA with:

DATA ANALYSIS SERVICESto help scope out subsidy costs at EOA, project viability at EOA and capital reserve needs and/or shortfalls.

PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS: We can analyze your entire portfolio or just part of it, providing data about individual buildings or housing providers, information about different programs (e.g., public housing; former federal programs; former provincial programs) or projects nearing their EOA date soon.

Your completed analysis will include data on your financial needs at EOA and up to 50 years after EOA. This will help you better understand the current and future needs of your housing portfolio and provide staff, boards, elected officials and housing providers with an accurate picture of where housing is now, at EOA and into the future after EOA.


Test out various opportunities that become available when projects reach EOA

Using the core data from the Getting Started phase, HSC can model different scenarios based on your desired outcomes and the needs of your communities. Service Managers and housing providers can make changes to the services provided to meet the goals in their Housing and Homelessness plans and examine
opportunities in:

• Energy efficiency
• Bulk purchasing
• Changes to rents charged
• Increasing non-rental revenue

You can test out different scenarios to see what their impact would be in terms of ensuring the long-term sustainability of your portfolio.

Information from this phase can help you make informed decisions about the future of existing housing assets, help to frame an EOA and Asset Management Plan and ultimately improve outcomes for people living in and in need of subsidized housing.

HSC is able offer a series of additional support services that may make sense for you as you engage your stakeholders on EOA and plan your long term asset management strategy.

These include:

  • Develop and/or provide presentations to providers, councils or boards on your EOA position
  • Offer workshops and training to groups of housing providers, staff or Boards on your EOA position and next steps.
  • Provide access to practical tools and resources to support your decision making, including the EOA Resource Centre on the SHARE website
  • Offer information on best practices or case studies on how others have addressed similar issues.

EOA Services

Want to learn more about HSC’s EOA Services? Contact Judy Lightbound
at jlightbound@hscorp.ca for more information.