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Cannabis Legalization: What Social Housing Providers Need to Know | SHARE


Cannabis Legalization: What Social Housing Providers Need to Know

Date: April 18, 2018

Time: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EST

Speakers: Celia Chandler, Partner, Iler Campbell LLP & Brian Laur, Director, Insurance Services, Housing Services Corporation

Celia and Brian

We’re not sure when, but we know it’s coming. Legalized cannabis in social housing remains a concern for many housing administrators. For social housing administrators, there are many unknowns including its implications for operating and managing the housing asset and tenancies.

This webinar is designed to inform and address considerations with respect to regulation and insurance as they relate to social housing. Speakers will share their insights about the regulatory areas that housing providers should be aware of and the implications from a property risk management perspective.

You will learn about:

  • the Canadian legislation, government plans and timelines for legalization
  • the areas of obligations- human rights, tenant/member & buildings
  • property management issues (community, property damage, costs and liability)
  • property risk management implications
  • practical measures for managing risk

This is webinar is designed for housing administrators, housing providers, property management staff and Boards to help them understand and make sense of the cannabis law reform to inform their operating and administration policy and practices.



Speaker bio:

Celia Chandler
Celia is a partner at Iler Campbell LLP, Ontario’s go to counsel for progressive organizations of all types and sizes. She is well-known for her expertise in the community housing sector; working with housing clients on landlord and tenant work, employment law and human rights cases. Her interest and knowledge on the issues related to mental health and housing has been drawn on by non-profit and co-op sector. She also engages with housing provider boards on issues related to board ethics and privacy. Celia is a regular speaker at conferences, housing provider sessions and at educations events across Ontario, including featured by sector organizations namely, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, and the Canadian Housing Renewal Association.

Brian Laur
Brian is Director, Insurance Services, Housing Services Corporation (HSC) and is responsible for leading the corporations insurance and risk management business unit. He plays a critical role in assisting Service Managers and Housing providers take proactive and practical approaches to overall risk management. Prior to HSC, Brian served for eight years as the Risk Manager for Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), and as the Senior Risk Management Analyst for the City of Toronto.