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Evaluating Projects Reaching Expiry- The Service Manager EOA Toolkit | SHARE


Evaluating Projects Reaching Expiry- The Service Manager EOA Toolkit

Date: Oct 19, 2016

Time: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EST

Speaker: Derek McMaster, CPA, CMA, Program Administrator, Social Housing Unit, City of Ottawa Scott Robertson, Business Development and Relationship Manager, Housing Services Corporation (HSC)

Derek Scott

Can a housing project be sustainable with or without subsidy, cover operational costs, and meet long-term capital needs?

Join this webinar to learn about the Service Manager Housing Network (SMHN) EOA toolkit developed for housing administrators to conduct an evaluation of a housing project as it reaches EOA. The webinar will demonstrate the usability of the resources and templates from the EOA Toolkit alongside HSCs Ontario EOA Planning Guide for Former Federal Housing Programs.

The webinar will cover:

  • how to undertake a simplified EOA financial review using the excel based EOA 3- Step worksheet to determine operating viability and capital funding adequacy
  • important considerations and options to explore & assess after EOA
  • the usability of the subsidy scenario templates
  • developing a communications plan for housing providers & tenants
  • at a glance decision analysis flow chart

EOA Toolkit resources

HSC EOA Planning Guide for Ontario’s Former Federal Housing Programs & Legal Issues
Guide to EOA 3-Step Project Profiles
Toolkit Template – EOA 3 Step Project Profile
EOA Communication Plan
EOA Diagram HSA Programs
EOA Diagram Federal Programs

1) Provincial Reformed Mixed Mandate Long-Term Capital Needs, 2) Section 95 Municipal Non-Profit – Seniors Mandate, and 3) Sect 95 Private Non-Profit – High Capital Needs

Webinar Resources