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EOA Planning Guide for Ontario’s Former Federal Housing Programs | SHARE


EOA Planning Guide for Ontario’s Former Federal Housing Programs

This Guide was prepared to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities with EOAs specifically for the former federal housing programs in Ontario; equip service managers and housing providers with the information required to navigate, assess and make decisions for projects that are expiring; set out a step-by-step process of determining a project’s viability and social sustainability at EOA; present options for consideration pre- and post-EOA; and provide additional resources related to EOA.

Download the Guide

Accompanying this planning guide is a Memorandum document that  provides a summary of the legal issues and is intended to assist Ontario housing providers in analysing their options when faced with the expiry of their federal operating agreements. This document (summary of legal issues) is provided for general information purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.

Download the End of Operating Agreements: Legal Issues, Ontario