Regeneration Forum 2014

Learn, Explore, Find and Fan

Building on the momentum established by the 2012 HSC Regeneration Forum: Revitalizing People, Places and Communities, HSC offered a second Regeneration Forum in February 2014 in Toronto. Recognized as a one-of-a-kind, high profile learning and networking event for the Canadian housing sector; the event attracted over 350 participants across Canada.

Plenaries, Case Studies and Workshops
The forum featured Canadian and international experts in housing, development, finance and urban planning; giving attendees real world examples of regeneration projects and practices.

Participants had the opportunity to explore two days of thought provoking plenaries and practical workshops focusing on revitalizing housing and communities. The forum offered six learning streams: Finance, Community, Physical Assets, Capacity, Housing Choice Labs, How to Think Like A.

Conference Agenda and Program Guide

Take a look at the 2014 Event Agenda (Day 1 & Day 2) and Conference program guide from the Forum.

Event Resources

Click on the videos below to hear some of the featured plenaries and speakers from the 2014 Regeneration Forum.

GUEST OF HONOUR KEYNOTE // The Honourable Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ontario [watch video]

PLENARY SESSION 1 // People Powered Regeneration: Aspirations Into Action// Sandra Moore, President, Urban Strategies, U.S.A. & Steve Stride, Chief Executive Officer, Poplar HARCA, UK [watch video]

PLENARY SESSION 2 // Home Grown in Ontario: A Round Up//  Lisa Ker, Executive Director, Ottawa Salus d’Ottawa, Brenda Osborne, CEO, CityHousing Hamilton, Ann Rosenfield, Executive Director, Woodgreen Foundation, Jim Steele, Chief Executive, Windsor-Essex Community Housing Corporation & Nikki Toten, Manager of Development and Community Engagement, Scadding Court Community Centre [watch video

PLENARY SESSION 3 //  When is Small Too Small? When is Big Too Big?// Andrea Cohen Barrack, CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation & Paul Tennant, CEO Orbit Group, U[watch video] [download

CLOSING PLENARY // Regenerate Your Mindset// Thom Armstrong, Executive Director, Co-operative Housing Federation of BC; Colin Gage, Executive Director, Victoria Park Community Homes; Nicholas Gazzard, Executive Director, CHF Canada; Bryan Lutes, President, Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corporation; Steve Stride, CEO, Poplar HARCA, UK; Paul Tennant, CEO, Orbit Group & Dee Walsh, Executive Vice President, Network and Corporate Affairs, Housing Partnership Network [watch video]

The presentations are grouped by workshop sessions (A, B, C and D) and by stream. Click on the presenter name to access the slide deck.


In the finance stream, gain an understanding of how to apply creative finance and investment strategies. You’ve got the tools and knowledge for your regeneration project, now where does the money come from? Social financing, public-private partnerships, bonds, and more, finding new resources and new sources of funding.


In the community stream, learn about creating strategic partnerships with residents, businesses, and visitors. A community includes a wide variety of organizations, businesses, and groups – one of them could have the Planning Your Day 7 key to bringing your project to reality. Regeneration of your community needs buy-in from all members to be successful. How can we engage all our stakeholders on community regeneration and revitalization?

  • (A) Your Place or Ours? Community Engagement for Real World Change: Presentations by: Karen Roof, Peter MacLeod, Andrea Bodkin
  • (B) Sparking Values from the Ground Up: Strategic Partners for Place-making and Revitalization: Presentations by: Tim Tompkins, Mike Bulthuis, Glenn Miller
  • (C) Marrying Town and Gown: Partnering with Universities and Large Institutions: Presentations by: Tim Jackson, Marc Norman
  • (D) Economic Inclusion-Making it Stick: Presentations by: Betty Ann Baker, David Young, Anne Jamieson

Physical Assets

Regeneration doesn’t have to mean new builds, sometimes it just means understanding the true potential of the housing stock you already have. In the physical stream learn how to make the most of your existing building assets by leveraging innovations in building science and operations.

  • (A) Who’s Afraid of the Builder? A Case for Collaboration to Build High Performing Buildings: Presentations by: Michael Assal, Jeff Armstrong
  • (B) Crossing the Bridge BEFORE You Come to It: Presentations by: John van Nostrand, Rick Farrell
  • (C) In for a Penny Nickel: Asset Management for Changing Needs: Presentations by: Brent Timmerman, Keith Extance, Jim Steele, Hans Kogel
  • (D) “But We Did a Supply and Demand Analysis!”: Reimagining Markets for Success: Presentations by: Mark Conway, Laurie Volk, Rupen Seoni


The Capacity stream workshops will walk you through maximizing resources and organizational talent to advance new ways of thinking about housing. What skills and resources do we already have that we can use better?

Housing Choice Labs

Housing Choice Labs is all about ideas in action. This is the place to learn about works in progress – development initiatives, financial models, organizational strategies that are moving forward but face legal, technical and political hurdles. Come hear from these innovators as they present their visions, pose challenges they are facing, and probe you, the participants, for solutions.

How to think Like A

How To Think Like a… helps you walk in someone else’s shoes. What can we learn from the private sector
developers? How can we work better with municipalities? Come along to these sessions to break down the walls between organizations and share learning across industries.

  • (A) Developer: Presentations by: Michael Flanigan, Steven Daniels
  • (B) Property Manager: Presentations by: Trevor Lester, Paul Smith
  • (C) Supportive Housing Provider: Presentations by: Brigitte Witkowski, Terry McCullum, Brian Gilligan
  • (D) Municipal Official: Presentations by: Mayor Jeff Lehman, Ana Bailão

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