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Establishing Benchmarks & Standards for Housing Provider Excellence | SHARE


Establishing Benchmarks & Standards for Housing Provider Excellence

Date: Sept 26, 2016

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST

Speaker: Kathleen Cain, Chief Operating Officer, Link Housing Ltd. Australia

Kath Cain Bacon

It became very clear that being accredited and going through the process, it would become a point of difference between us and every other housing provider in a competitive market for access to the same funding, contracts, and property transfers”.

In this webinar Kathleen Cain the COO of Link Housing Ltd in Australia will share the proactive path that her organization has taken to establish customer service standards and benchmarks as a means for optimizing service delivery, improving customer service and ensuring efficient business practices. From theory to practice, you will learn:

  • how they got started and the approach used
  • their process to accreditation
  • the criteria used for standards and benchmarking
  • how it has been implemented organizationally
  • the outcomes achieved as a result

Speaker bio:

Kathleen Cain has many years’ experience in delivering operational services to the community through consultation and communication. She is committed to providing quality services to tenants and other stakeholders. Kath is highly experienced in developing networks and relationships that promote a sense of community within a local government area. Prior to working with Link Housing, Kath worked for an emergency service for nearly 10 years in a senior management role.